A homeless person feels overwhelmed, lonely and isolated.

Many factors can lead to homelessness.

Substance abuse and mental health issues are the leading causes of people becoming homeless. Contributing factors are lack of affordable housing, barriers to service delivery and lack of living wage jobs.

Being homeless has an oppressive impact on an individuals' emotional and physical health. Homelessness, for many, becomes a vicious cycle of trying to secure independence, failing, then losing hope and inspiration to continue trying. Many people feel so overwhelmed that they do not know where to begin.

That is why case management, healthcare services and mental health services are essential services for homeless individuals. New Horizons provides all of these services and provides nutritious meals through the soup kitchen on-site. The case management team meets with homeless residents of New Horizons and Angie's and helps them determine the causes of their unique situation and works with them to create an action plan to gain independence.

Food Insecurity

In Manchester, affordable housing is extremely limited. According to the American Friends Service Committee, rents in the southern half of New Hampshire have increased as much as 37% over the last 5 years. Coupled with high utility rates, gasoline prices and the lack of living wage jobs; families and individuals can become "food insecure" very quickly. Food insecurity is the condition where a household has little or no money left over after paying other living expenses, to purchase food. For children living in these households it means a great disadvantage in learning. Children with poor nutrition have a more difficult time concentrating in school and are at risk for weakened immune systems. Poverty and hunger are real concerns in Manchester.

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