See What People are Saying about our Organization

“I am proud that there are so many hard working organizations such as New Horizons all across our great state helping to meet the needs of some of our most vulnerable citizens. New Horizon’s good work is truly making a difference in many people’s lives.”
- John H. Lynch, Governor

"Having a positive affect on my community through volunteerism is an integral part of my life. Knowing that I can make a difference in someone’s life is one of the most rewarding feelings to me. Spending hours at the Soup Kitchen has benefited me in many ways; I get to interact with some of the most appreciative people I have come to know, see them smile and hear their stories. I have met people whose impact will stay with me forever. There is knowledge to gain in every hour spent volunteering; knowledge that goes far beyond textbooks. I cannot think of a better way to positively affect my community than by donating the gift of time."
-Kim Joseph

"It is a pleasure to serve the clients of New Horizons and we are glad to be of help."
-Jewett Street School

"At the heart of organizations like New Horizons is not simply a desire to provide something as basic as food and shelter, but equally as important is an understanding of the role they play in personal dignity. From the very first moment you step into the kitchen or pantry at New Horizons you come to realize that the dignity and humanity of the clients is as important to the staff as providing sustenance. All the staff of OneBeacon have come to realize how fulfilling their work for New Horizons is because of this and it has added a dimension to our service that everyone has embraced for over three years."
-Steve Walsh, One Beacon Insurance

“New Horizons confronts the grittiest of issues of our time with a commitment to meet each client’s needs.”
-Richard Ober, NH Charitable Foundation President

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